What is LiFA?

LiFA stands for Learning is a Fun Activity.

LiFA is a social media platform with a focus on practical bite-sized content! Our major content categories are cooking, health and fitness, beauty, lifestyle, life hacks, and many more.

How does it work?

First of all, you can explore our community's great content, then you should share your ideas with LiFA’s community. Your idea (A.K.A LiFA/post) comes in the latest section, then users can help to turn that LiFA into an approved post. Approved posts help users to trust better to the ideas of each post. Through some activities, you can earn points, level up, and unlock new features.

By creating high-quality content/courses you will become a part of LiFA’s premium club. By participating in this club, your approved content marks as premium. When a user reads this content, you will be paid!

Also, you can participate in LiFA’s MenTur program. In this program you can register as a tutor, then users can see you as a tutor and can book a paid online session with you to use your knowledge. So, by creating more high-quality content, the chances that others see it will increase and you can get more online sessions and money!

Why should I use LiFA?

For having a better life and helping others to have one!

What kinds of content are on LiFA?

Hacks, Facts, Quotes, Ideas, and any other type of content that presents a useful and practical stuff.

What are the main differences between LiFA.pro and LiFA.life?

LiFA.pro is specially designed for organizations and any entities that want to run a dedicated microlearning platform in their organization. So, all of their features are the same, but LiFA.pro gains access to organizations’ admins to moderate and customize the platform content and users.

You can learn more about LiFA.Pro in its website. https://lifaplatform.com

LiFA.life is our community edition that is accessible to everyone in the world. It’s free and anyone can use it as useful social media.

You can learn more about LiFA.life on its website. https://web.lifa.life


What are the points?

Points are the smallest part of our scoring system. By collecting points, you will be level up. At each level, we give you a particular badge and unlock a feature that helps you to be more powerful and enjoy more when you are spending your time at LiFA.

How Can I collect points?

You can earn points by creating posts, registering, inviting your friends, or giving favorable rates to other users.