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We Are More Than a Platform

Content Services

We are not just a platform; we are everything you need to have a better ROI in learning. Here we addressed the most common issues of our clients. Please fill free to send us your specific inquiries.

Customized blended learning plan

Customized blended learning plan. Before you start a journey with our platform, it’s necessary to assess your organization's readiness! If you are not ready to implement the system, recommended that you create a plan for your readiness in advance, and after that, start to become ready for implementing blended learning in your organization. If you don’t do this assessment, your platform implementation will probably be ruined, and your budget will be lost!

In LiFA, we offer you more than just a platform; we offer the whole process, from the beginning and assessing your organization until implementing the system, supporting, developing, and even monitoring your progress to help you to have a great impact and ROI.

Design and create a custom VR-based environment

Based on your needs, our experts will get in touch with you to determine your needs to design and create your desired VR-based environment.


Create tailored content from your material

It’s not important how to deliver your material to us! Our content team reviews them carefully, and if they have questions, they will contact you for further information. After that, they will create high-quality courses for you. Then, you can review it and send your feedback to the content team for revision.


Custom Content

Create custom and localize learning content (Text, Video, Games, Quizzes, etc.) for your company's needs

Implement our solution to the whole of your company

We are not just a platform! We will become your friends or even your colleagues after starting our work. Implementing a blended learning platform is not just about running software in your company; it’s about running a culture! So, before technical implementation, we give you a tailored plan for establishing some requirements for running the platform in your organization; after that, we will implement the platform. Finally, we’ll be with you to monitor the process and improve it periodically.

Online private classes for establishing LiFA in your company

Our duty is to train your L&D admins to implement and maintain an effective blended learning platform in your organization.

Support 360

After onboarding your admins, it’s common for them to have many questions about aspects of blended learning and the platform. Therefore, our support team, spread worldwide, is here to respond to them for most of the day.


Technical Services

  • Integrate with your organization's HR systems, LMS, or other systems. We can assess all of your systems that you want to integrate with LiFA, and if they have good readiness, we can do it for you.
  • Custom development. If you want a feature not currently available on LiFA, we can implement it for you.
  • Customize LiFA for your language; we support RTL languages too


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