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VR Features

Explore LiFA's VR-based Metaverse's Features to Know How They Can Help You

What is the Educational Metaverse?

As a blended learning platform, we offer a VR-based metaverse to learn in an immersive environment. In the metaverse, by doing some simulation or playing serious multiplayer games, learners can learn or practice new things in fun and effective ways.

Although educators/admins can monitor the whole learning progress and analyze learners’ behavior based on their data.

The metaverse is fully integrated with LiFA mobile applications.

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Dynamic Escape Rooms

By creating challenging puzzles at Dynamic Escape Rooms, you can ask your learners to play a VR-based and multiplayer game to learn or practice something new.

  1. Just enter into our metaverse
  2. Select one of our “Escape rooms.”
  3. Create your learning puzzles
  4. Save and Share!

Then all users with specific access can enter your room and try to solve your learning puzzle to Escape!

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Just download LiFA World from Oculus Market and start your journey.

Multi-users environments

In the metaverse, learners can interact with each other and cooperate to solve puzzles or do some simulations.

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Simulated Environments

In simulated environments, learners can learn by doing! They come to granted environments and do something related to their course/session while learning other concepts in the class or app!

Dynamic Movie Theater

Learners can choose what they want to watch in the movie theater and watch a 360 video together. All of its content is manageable from the admin panel.



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Online Collaboration Spaces

In the spaces, learners can interact (by voice and real-time chat) with each other, and by using some virtual tools like a whiteboard, they can discuss some topics and even learn from each other.

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Unity SDK

LiFA Unity SDK helps developers to connect their VR-based environments to LiFA World easily. Then other learners can see their environments and use them. All of the users’ data are accessible from the admin’s panel.

Powerful Admin Panel

Admins can manage users’ activities and details of the content presented in the metaverse from this panel. The following is a list of some of the panel’s features:

  • Users’ activities
  • Users’ management
  • Users’ learning progress
  • Environments’ management
  • Environments’ engagement
  • Report Generator